This is my little corner of the world where I document (with recipes), my struggles with getting fruits and veggies to be my friends. It should also serve as a great place to get vegan meal ideas for dinner. I make most if not all my meals after work for my family.

Having Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) also called Pollen Food Allergy prevents me from eating RAW fruits and vegetables. This means I get an itchy, tingly mouth when attempting to eat RAW fruits and vegetables.  

For the past 16 years I've been able to avoid my triggers to the point where I didn't buy much fruit and skimped on vegetables - NOT GOOD! 

Added to that problem was the fact that I became increasingly lactose intolerant a few years ago and slowly stopped drinking cows milk this coming from a person who ate cereal with milk at all hours of the day and night (it was rough but I don't miss the bloating). From there I stopped eating eggs - don't really know why, I think I just got tired of them - I tend to do that with foods more than I care to admit. Then I stopped eating cheese after binging on pizza for months along with being fed-up of buying lactose pills every few days.

I'm hoping this blog can help me stick to this way of life as well as track it visually. 

Hopefully, this site can also help other allergy sufferers eat a plant based diet or simply help anyone get more fruits and veggies on their plate. 

From this blog you can expect:

Simple meals - if you don't know how to cook, plant based cooking is even easier, veggies are easier to cook than meat in my opinion.

Low Budget meals - this blog is written by a single mom. The meals will be economical for all.

Quick - I make most of my meals after work - after a long day at work inside or outside the home, dinner should be quick.

Very few weird-named foods - Tofu, Seitan, etc., won't be the main items on this blog.

Allergy Friendly - I have a son with tree nut allergies, so my dishes are also nut free.

OAS tweaks -  due to my oral allergy syndrome(OAS), most of the meals will have fruits and/or veggies that are cooked or if they are raw, they are doctored up for me to digest them.