Vegan Nutrition Calculators

When I started my vegan journey (the second go round), I made it a habit to track my nutritional needs. It's been one of the best things I ever did.

Having a visual idea of where I need to improve or whether I am overloading on one thing and not on another has been incredibly helpful.

Now, when someone asks me where I get my protein, I can show them and tell them exactly where it comes from.

Here a few more helpful apps/websites.



Myfitnesspal is the app I used religiously when I started my second journey, it helped tremendously with tracking my protein levels so I didn't feel hungry or get that "wet dish rag" feeling when you haven't eaten on time or had the right protein amounts.


Android: Free

Track what you eat with taking a photo, scanning or typing in your meal item.


Fast, easy to use calorie tracker in the database which boasts 2 million food items stored. 


According to this app, you can get a complete overview of your daily calorie intake and food consumption by entering grams or servings. You can also scan the food item barcode for faster tracking.


If you know your calorie goal, this app will be a snap to use with helping you get there. They utilize graphs and charts and caloric breakdown. You can also send this information to your physician.


Cronometer - $2.99


A colorful tracker that tracks 60+ nutrients along with your exercises, biometrics and your own notes.


 MyMacros+ - $2.99


My Macros claims to be a complete tracker that also allows you to track your all of your meals even without internet service. It has over 5 million food items and tells you how your diet impacts your goals.


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