Vegan Snacks for On-The-Go

So, I'm actually going on a trip soon for 3 days and I am planning what snacks I should bring for the 3 hour commute.

I have also crowned myself as the vegan snack queen because I am never without a snack wherever I go. If I'm travelling I just make sure I bring my favorites that are high in protein and can full me up. If you're planning a trip as a vegan, you should always plan ahead. Below are some tips and snack ideas for your travels.

Fruits and Veggies

This should be a no-brainer. I bring along my fruit leather type snacks too but raw fruits and veggies can be taken as long as they are eaten on the first leg of your trip or kept in some type of cooler.


Homemade Breakfast Bars

Homemade breakfast bars usually have oats, fruit, and various nuts which can be very tasty as well as filling. They can also last a few days without taking up a lot of storage space. They also don't have to be in the shape of bars but also balls and/or cookie shapes.


Homemade Granola mix

Homemade granola is also another snack or breakfast idea. I love things that can be snack or breakfast. I have no problem eating granola on it's own as a snack. It can also be added to yogurt, or vegan milk. Add some nuts and seeds and you've got added protein.



Nuts are one of those items on their own can keep you going until your next meal. They're also high in protein which makes it a must for travelling vegans. I tend to switch up the ones I buy every week to take them to work with me as snacks. If they're covered in vegan chocolate even better.


Vegan Fruit or Veggie Breads

Ok, that title "Veggie Bread" sounds weird but what I'm referring to are breads such as banana bread, zucchini bread, etc. If you make these with high protein flours and or seeds, they can be protein rich, filling and easy to carry as long as you slice them up first. On my last trip my banana bread was a snack as well as breakfast the next morning.


If you aren't able to get any of these then there are some store bought vegan bars that might be economical as well as healthy. Be sure to pay attention to sugar content and saturated fats.


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