11 Best Vegan Apps

What Vegan Apps Do You Use?

When you've changed your way of eating, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around in the land of meat-eaters. Vegan apps are on the rise and are helpful even to those that are just interested in being vegan. Here's a list of 11 apps to help you out.

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Android - Free

Find vegan recipes and even share your own vegan recipes on this app.

Vegan Wines

Android - Free

Did you know that wine companies use animal products to process their wines? On this app you can choose wines that are ethical and vegan. For IOS users you can also check out the Vegaholic app.


Android, Iphone - Free

Clip recipes from any website and cheftap organizes them for you.


Android, Iphone - Free

As a newbie vegan, it can be a little confusing reading labels to see if those potato chips are really vegan. Along came IsItVegan app, in theory this app allows you to scan bar codes of food items and it displays if it's vegan but I've seen quite a few reviews that stated that it really didn't work all too well while some others rave about it.

Happy Cow

Android, Iphone - $3.99

You're travelling out of town but don't know where to eat. HappyCow lets you find restaurants that have vegan items on their menus. They also have restaurant reviews and international restaurants as well. Reviewers of the app have mentioned that it's mainly for large metro area vegan restaurants, not so good for smaller towns

Daily Dozen

Android, Iphone - Free.

Follow Dr. Greger's list of healthiest foods to have daily for healthy living. Check them off the list once you've acquired the suggested serving per day. As a visual person, this sounds right up my alley. If you like to check off lists this is for you. All the proceeds of this app apparently all got to various charities.


Android, Iphone - Free

A search engine that will give you a vegan alternative to meat-meals. Many new vegans reach for packaged foods as replacements. This app seems to find those types of alternatives for you. For example, when I typed in chicken, it gave me packaged foods like ChickIn nuggets or Gardein Turk'y Cutlets that were meat alternatives.

Veg Safe

Iphone - Free

Have you ever read a food label and asked yourself...what does that mean and is it vegan? Well, there's an app for that. If you want to verify whether the food additives/ingredients or even clothing materials in your store purchased item has been derived from an animal, this app can tell you the details.

Cruelty Cutter

Android, Iphone - Free

Not only does this app let you scan items to see if they are cruelty free but you can get alternatives right on the app. You can also take it a step further and let those cruel companies know via social media that you're not a fan of their cruel testing.

My Vegan Search

Android, Iphone - Free

Search for vegan recipes, share vegan recipes and find vegan events near you too. You can also get help as a new vegan via their Q&A section.

Vegan Amino

Android, Iphone - Free

Want to find a friendly vegan community? This app allows you to join like-minded peeps and have a conversation. Many different chat groups for you to choose from here. The app to me was a bit busy with so many things going on but it seems to be wildly popular.

The Vegan Calculator

(not an app but still cool)

Calculate how much you've saved the planet by being vegan. Enter the days, months or years you've been vegan and it will let you know how much water, forests, and animals you've saved. How cool is that?

Do you have any other cool vegan apps to share?

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