Suggested supplements for Vegans.

Meal Replacement

When you're starting out, and short on protein, a plant based meal replacement can help keep your energy levels going.

Organic Green Tea

I drink tons of green tea in the colder months. It's full of antioxidants. All you need is water and green goodness, Sweetener optional.


Vitamin B-12

Should be a component of your diet if you're doing plant based eating but if you fall short with this vitamin. A supplement such as this can help.

Vitamin D3

Not getting enough sunlight. Lab results a little low. This vitamin is essential for vegans and most of us home-bodies that don't get enough sunlight.

Vegan Omega 3

Although fish is not an option anymore, you can still get your omega 3 vitamins through Algal oil supplements such as this one. I also use this fruit spread that has chia seeds which are full of omega 3 as well.


I've always been a probiotic user even when I wasn't vegan. Sometimes an extra dose of good flora is needed for digestive health.